Hello friends! How was your Christmas? I figured I would squeeze in this post in 2016 so that next year we can start the year off fresh. My daughter is off until the 9th of January, and frankly, I don't know when I'll be posting again.

I decided to group the best of 2016 into four categories and those categories are: Paper Crafts, DIY, Holiday, and Gift Ideas. In there, you will find a few kid-friendly crafts as well, but before I begin, I wanted to first say thank you because it's your likes and comments and shares that make today's list possible. So, THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart. I am so glad to have you here reading my blog, it really does mean a lot to me. *BIG SMILES :))*




Paper Crafts:

1. Learn how to make these medium-size bags for popcorn or other small treats using your favourite scrapbook paper.

2. A "lollipop" garland gets its colour from washi tape.

3. Craft a sweet paper butterfly wall hanging for a little girl's room or to give as a gift.

4. Learn how to use card stock to make small envelopes that fit a gift card or tiny gift.

5. No. 2 pencils get a lavish upgrade (above) in this kid-friendly, back-to-school craft.

6. Put a few craft punches to good use and make gift tags of five different delicious fruits.



1. Upgrade plain old clothespins to colour-infused laundry helpers with neon washi tape.

2. Create a custom look to a Heidi Swapp marquee sign with these ideas.

3. Give plain black frames a "dipped" effect with gold spray paint (above).

4. Learn how to apply gold leaf metal to a finished wood sign.

5. Make a wood ladder for blanket storage and give it a paint and stain look.



1. Paper straws become adorable cupid's arrows in this Valentine craft.

2. Washi tape is the key to making these adorable mummy gift tags.

3. Create a 3-D pumpkin garland out of card stock and foam dots.

4. Gemstones that look like a million bucks make the prettiest gift card holders for Christmas.

5. Give a berry tree card made with only glitter and nothing else.

6. Yarn picked in your favourite colours will make an adorable pom pom garland (above).

7. Festive washi tape is the "heart" of these holiday gift tags.

8. Stay organized with five free printable Christmas holiday lists (they're good to use every year!)


Gift Ideas:

1. A pendant made with Martha Stewart glitter makes an elegant gift.

2. Cute-as-a-button earrings (literally!) are perfect for tiny ears (like toddlers and preschoolers).

3. Paint beads in different colours and string them on a faux leather cording for a pretty necklace gift (above).


P I N M E !


I hope you enjoyed this list. I am SO excited to embark on a new year. I have quite a few new ideas storming, and if you follow my Instagram, I've been sharing some cards well underway for the shop (for Valentine's, birthday, and more) on Insta-stories. I can't wait to share them here soon too.

Happy New Years, friends! Be safe, and let's make the most of the new year to come!



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