Christmas is just days away, friends. Isn't it exciting!?

Up until yesterday I was still wrapping a few things for co-workers and friends, and if you're doing the same this week, I thought I would end the season with this roundup of gift wrapping ideas and different gift tags that you can make right at home.

If you follow this blog, you would have seen these ideas before, but in case you missed a few, please read on!




Gift Tags:

1. I heart making gift tags. When I first opened my business, I sold handmade tags, but I pulled what was left from the shop and started sharing tutorials instead. I may bring back exclusive kinds next year (I haven't decided yet), but for the blog, I've enjoyed showing you how to make some creative tags, such as these washi tape ones (above). The heart is more of a generic shape, but the washi tape themselves have holly, snowflakes, and of course glitter, which makes them festive, and especially fun to use on kids presents.

2. I'm a scrapbook paper hoarder, but I know how to put them to use! Select your favourite patterned paper to make these jingle bell tags, and match them to a beautiful silk ribbon. Forgo the bow, because with their size, they're all you need to top off a gift.

3. These 3-D snowflake tags (above) are made with store-bought foam snowflake stickers that I stuck on top of glitter paper punched out in tag shapes. They were so easy to do, yet the glitter, paired with a fancy bow, adds a little bit of elegance to a holiday package.

4. I made these tags back in September, but their shiny gold metal surface, made from a gilding technique, makes them a good contender for the holidays too.

5. Have you heard of Stickles? I love their glitter glue because it goes on easy and dries nicely, and here's what I made with them last year (above).


Gift Wrap:

6. to 13. I spent one day a few weeks ago immersed in wrapping paper, ribbon, and embellishments, and out came a post I shared called 8 unique ways to wrap a holiday gift (above). You might want to check that out if you wish to amp up your creativity this year.

14. I find more and more people are asking for gift cards for Christmas, and although I dislike giving them, I also don't like disappointing. To make giving a store card more fun and creative, try these gemstone envelopes. They look far more fancier than they cost to make!

15. Forgo the dollar store gift bags, if you can make your own that look like these (above)! They are made with gold foil, and it takes less than 10 minutes to make a whole bunch of them.

16. For a little play on rustic glam, run to the store and buy some jute twine, pretty blue wrapping paper, and follow this link to the post on where to purchase the glittery poinsettia leaves. The combination is well worth it, creating a gorgeous package.


P I N M E !


Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look at today's post. I would like to wish you all a very joyful Christmas! I'll be back (I hope) after Christmas with a roundup of 2016's most popular posts.

See you in a few :)

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