With Christmas only days away, I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for the break! I love my work and blogging, but family time is the best time! Sadly, it seems that sometimes it takes a holiday to bring us close together for more than just a couple of hours at a time. I truly hope that we all take advantage and live in the moment when we're together with our families and friends this Christmas.

Today I'm giving you a roundup of over 10 projects I did for Christmas for the home over the last two years of blogging. If you are still putting a few things out, or want to make something but have no clue what, or if you're thinking of giving a handmade gift, you might find something here to do.

I realized as I gathered my project list together that I have done projects in one of three categories: decorations, ornaments, and candles.





1. I started crafting decorations this year as early as the beginning of November, starting with a DIY pom pom garland that I made for my daughter's bedroom. For a bedroom, using soft textures such as yarn, is perfect. She also got some of my favourite holiday decorations (above), with purples and blues and white. Lucky girl.

2. In the kitchen, I made a few stenciled trivets using inexpensive cork trivets from IKEA, stencil, and paint. This project was so easy! It's important to seal them though with an acrylic coating before using them. Wrap a bow around them too, and you have a thoughtful present.

3. In the dining room, I played with my Silhouette machine and transformed flower pots with vinyl "HO HO HO" lettering. The letters are removable after the holidays are over. If you have a machine too, you can steal my file from the post.

4. & 5. In the craft room, I created a colourful "HAPPY HOLIDAY" garland and made a snowflake wall out of chalk and stencil. It was one of those "last minute" projects, but I thought - why shouldn't every space in the house get a little holiday love!

6. Finally, a great DIY gift is a snow globe filled with bottle brush trees and flakes. It's a decoration that can be put anywhere in the house. I made a few of them last Christmas and gave some away as gifts. My recipients loved them!



7. You can buy flat paper mache ornaments in a package, and they make the perfect blank canvases for projects. These ones got a colour block paint job in pretty pinks (above). I love them. You can put them on trees, Advent calendars, or use them as gift toppers.

8. But if you prefer ball ornaments, try making some with shiny flakes and watch them sparkle in the light.

9. Paper ornaments are a win with me too. This craft, something you can do with kids, are round paper ornaments achievable with my simple tutorial. The best part though is choosing your favourite scrapbook papers to make them!



10. Candles aren't just meant to be used at Christmas, but these gold ones (above) were made with the intention of the holidays, especially because they are gold (gold is my go-to colour for decorating my home at Christmas). You can certainly gift them too. Make them in no time with a little paint and adhesive rhinestones.

11. No need to stop there either. I show you in this tutorial how to create pine scented candles - the pine is more of a Christmas thing I think! The wax can be poured into any candle holder you choose, including the ones above.


P I N M E !


Will you be making a little time to DIY a few more projects before Christmas? In a few days, I will have one final post focusing on different gift wrapping ideas and handmade tags.

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