A few weeks ago during a trip to the U.S., I stopped over at Target and picked up some Handmade Modern Acrylic Paint in corals and reds. I always had the intention of making a wood bead necklace with paint, specifically for my daughter, and I was drawn to the colours I saw there that day.

Last week I finished up that project, and I thought I would show you what I did to paint the beads. They can be tricky to paint, but once you have a few things, this project is quite painless and fun!

I also purchased a faux leather cording that Target was selling in their dollar spot. It's quite a bit of cording for only a dollar!



1. Use the paper cups and lollipop sticks to help you paint the beads. "String" beads through lollipop stick, one or more at a time (if same colour).

2. Dab a small amount of paint on the brush and paint the beads. The cup's edging will stop beads from falling over and act as a "third hand" to keep them in place.

3. Wait about half an hour between coats. Two coats each should suffice.

4. Once fully dry, pull beads off the sticks.

5. Cut cording accordingly (mine will fit over the head of my 3-year-old daughter).

6. Tie a double knot at the ends, and snip off extra cording.

I hope she'll like it! It's a nice gift to make for anyone (simply make sure the cording is long enough for an adult to wear).

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