This project doesn't necessarily stop with Christmas. These shiny gold gift bags can be used all year long. I made them now because there's always the awkwardly shaped gift that's difficult to stuff in a box. I also wanted to try a new product. If you remember, a few months ago I shared a tutorial on how to make gold leaf gift tags. In that post, I used the gilding sheets from the Martha Stewart line. This time however, I came across another brand and wanted to test it out.

Simply put, the results are still beautiful even though I did find the gold leaf flakier and messier. It also teared apart easier. Nevertheless, I love how these bags turned out, and all for a few minutes of my time.



The gilding adhesive dripped out on me as soon as I opened the bottle, so it kind of determined where my brush would go. I simply spread the glue around in random motions, and let the bags sit for a few minutes before applying the leaf metal.

Once the leaf metal is applied, use the clean side of the sponge brush to set it in, and remove flakes that did not adhere.

Have you ever gold leafed before? It's actually quite fun. You can also find the metal in copper and silver. It's just another way to customize the look of your gifts.

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