A really cute way to add a little handmade holiday touch to your kitchen is to make these symbolic stenciled trivets. The trivets themselves are made of cork, really inexpensive, trivets from IKEA that come as a package of 3 for $5. With a little paint, they can be transformed into custom trivets in holiday scenes or symbols such as snowflakes and snowmen.



For this project, I dug deep into my craft room for old Christmas stencils that I've had for at least a decade now. I chose a snowman for one trivet, and snowflakes for the other two. You can use whatever stencil you like for this project. For similar stencils, see HERE for a snowman, and HERE for snowflakes.

I also like to use paint dabbers for stenciling. If you need to, use tape to secure the stencil to the trivet first.

I painted only one side of the trivets, leaving the other side blank for non-holiday usage, or a potential Easter or Fall stenciling in the future (talk about getting the most bang for your buck!)

One coat of paint each will suffice. Once you're finished, seal the trivets with the acrylic coating. If you can, do it outside because it's toxic and smelly. According to the can, it dries quickly, but the trivets aren't ready to use for at least 2 hours.

What do you think? I think they will also make adorable hostess gifts. Tie a pretty bow around them, and you have lovely present to give.

Thanks for taking a look today, friends :)

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