I had the most difficult time giving these tags a title. They have bells, ribbon, and even a shiny rhinestone on top. They are made with store-bought Christmas paper. Then finally, I came up with "CHRISTMAS BELL TAGS" because after all, it was the shiny, little gold bells that gave me the inspiration to make them in the first place.

To make them, gather different patterns of Christmas card stock. You can shop craft stores, or online at Amazon for a good selection (see end of post). The one I used is HERE. Have a paper trimmer handy to cut the paper to size.



1. Gather all the supplies.

2. Snip two opposing corners with scissors in a diagonal form to create the tag shape. To help you, snip one corner first, flip the tag over, and mark with a pencil where to do the next cut from.

3. Use a hole punch large enough to accompany a thick ribbon to punch a hole at the top.

4. Feed the ribbon through, and snip the ends in a diagonal to clean them up.

5. Tie a double knot with the string around the ribbon at the top of the tag. Then tie a bow.

6. At the ends of the bow, double knot a gold bell. Snip off excess ends.

7. Add a little glue to the centre of the bow.

8. Glue on the rhinestone. Press and hold for a few seconds to make sure it doesn't go anywhere.

What I like most about these tags is that they look handmade. You can also choose your colour scheme based on what you like or to match gifts. Or, you can stick numbers on them, and hang them from an Advent calendar. There are many possibilities!




Thank you all for taking a look today. In December, I will have more gift wrap ideas, and a roundup of free printable tags, so stay tuned.

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