If you know me well, then this post won't surprise you. I've combined three of my favourite elements to create a gift wrap that is both rustic and elegant for the holidays. Those three things are: the colour blue, as seen in the wrapping paper; jute twine, that offers that rustic texture; and gold, in the poinsettia leaves that sparkle from all the glitter. Yet together, the three yield what I think is a beautiful gift wrap, and perfect for the holidays.

For a few years now, I've been stocking up on simple, plain wrapping paper so that I can do things like this - mix and match materials and colours, and the paper acts as a blank canvas to do what you want. Blue, especially this Tiffany blue, is a really nice colour for the holidays. The poinsettia flowers came as is in a package that I picked up from HERE, but you can also make them with glitter paper (simply by cutting the leaf shapes and creating a star, then overlapping the two stars).

I really do like the juxtaposition of the rough texture of the twine and the shimmery flowers, and just like that you have a really unique, but beautiful idea for a holiday gift wrap.

To make it, simply wrap the twine tightly around the gift package five or more times, then tie a knot at the bottom of the package. Then, even though these poinsettias came with a sticky foam on the bottom, I still like to add a li