This project is as easy as it comes. To make these ornaments, all you need is a few different craft store paints and sponge brushes to create a colour blocking technique in your favourite holiday hues.

However, if I was actually following my own advice, these ornaments would have the appearance of gold somewhere, but I decided to change it up and add a little happy colour to my decorating. I started with white paint as a base, then added two flirty shades of pink satin paint to finish them off.



Rip pieces of washi and tape a line across the ornaments where you want to separate the colours. I prefer using washi tape over painter's tape for these small projects because it peels off very well. I started by painting the ornaments with the white paint, always stroking the brush from the tape down.

Each ornament took three coats. Then once fully dry, I applied washi tape over the white paint at the line, and painted three coats of Pink Dahlia (darker pink) on two ornaments, and three coats of Poodle Skirt on the remaining two ornaments.

The Martha Stewart paint goes on a little thicker, so I waited a bit longer between coats, about 45 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes. The only reason I used two different paint brands is because it's what I already had in the craft room. But any acrylic paint is just fine. Then, I let the ornaments dry completely before peeling off the tape.

I hope you enjoyed this project. Thanks for visiting today, friends :)

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