This blog was long overdue for a washi tape project. Crafting with washi tape, in my opinion, is super fun for both kids and adults alike. So today's project uses a mix of holiday-themed and glitter washi, and you can double purpose these tags as well: for gifts or as ornaments for a tree!



1. Place three strips of washi tape on the printer paper, touching each other.

2. Punch two or more tag shapes over the washi tape. To make the top layer, start by punching out a heart on the card stock.

3. Use the tag punch to punch out the tag shape again on the card stock, making sure the heart is at the centre. Do this by turning the punch around so that the bottom faces you. Glue fronts to the washi tape tags, and trim sides if necessary with scissors.

4. Punch holes at the top of the tags for the twine.

After I finished, I thought these tags would also look cute on a small white tree (hmmm...do I go out and buy one now?) They are tiny, adorable tags, as you can see in the photo above (only about 2 1/4 inches long). I used a heart punch for the centre, but you can use any shape you like: a Christmas tree, star, snowflake, reindeer, bell, etc.


Card stock, washi tape (except white glitter), ornament flakes: Michaels stores

White glitter washi tape: Target

What do you think of my adorable festive tags? Will you be making them too?

Thank you for taking a look!

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