Welcome friends, do I have a cute little project to share today.

I've been thinking of a way to bring a little handmade touch to my daughter's bedroom for the holidays. Then I decided I was going to make a pom pom garland. A garland such as this brings a lot of the elements that I like around the holidays - softness, fullness, texture, and a little colour that doesn't necessarily scream Christmas, but still adds a little bit of that festive touch. But I needed to first find the right yarn. In my head, I pictured a white yarn with a dash of gold, and searched and searched, and finally I found what I was looking for at Hobby Lobby.

To make my garland, I used the I Love This Yarn! brand of soft yarn in two colours: #732 / Ivory and #364 / Glacier.

First, to make pom poms, follow the instructions in this post HERE. The key to achieving that fullness is to make sure you tie the knot as tightly as you can. To achieve that even roundness, you will need to do some trimming with a pair of sharp scissors. All of that is explained in the tutorial.

Then, simply measure the length you want your garland, and tie the pom poms by double knot to the yarn. I tried my best to space the pom poms evenly apart. I also hung the ivory ones a little longer than the blue pom poms.

Give yourself some time to do this project. A garland of my length took me almost an hour to complete.

My daughter's bedroom has pink walls, pink bedding, pink everything. I wanted to offset all that pink with blue, another favourite colour of hers. Gold and white are my favourite colours for Christmas decor, and I have a lot of it throughout the house. Bringing it in here was only natural for me.

The yarn tree was a craft project I did a few years ago. To make one, first go and purchase a Styrofoam tree shape from a craft store. Start at the bottom and apply a little bit of white glue. Wrap yarn around the tree. Every five or six levels up, add a little more glue and keep going until you reach the top. The marquee light was also a DIY project, which you can read about HERE.

Thank you for looking at today's project. I hope you like my pom pom garland as much as I do. The nicest part is that it can stay up all winter because the colours are subtle and non-traditional. Keeping that soft texture throughout the winter months for me is key.

Have a good day, friends :)

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