Today's holiday craft is a cute and simple card to give to a loved one or friend. All it takes is one thing: glitter! Specifically, a squeezable, bottled glitter glue, and I happen to really like the Stickles brand and used it for today's project.

To make a berry tree card, you will need:



1. Gather your material and supplies.

2. Fold card, reopen, and start applying the silver glitter from the bottom left hand corner (right from fold) diagonally towards the top. Create two more branches as shown.

3. Apply two extra branches to the ones you created in step 2.

4. Squeeze red dots to make the "berries", close to, but not touching the silver branches.

5. If you wish, add a sheet of white card stock with double-sided tape to the inside, after trimming it down to an eighth of an inch or less the size of the card.

6. Use the same techniques to make a berry branch on the front of the envelope.

Once you are done, let the card and envelope dry fully for a day before using it. The glitter will flatten, provide nice, vibrant colours, and there will be no bubbling. I have found that with some brands of glitter glue, bubbling on the material can occur, but not with Stickles!

I went away for a few days, and came home to see that one of my berries had smudged during the drying process. Hmm, one of my cats, perhaps? The glitter does go on thick, and ensuring proper drying time, away from animals, is important!

What do you think of my berry card? Actual working time is about 5 minutes. This is also a fun craft for kids to make for mom and dad, grandparents, teachers, etc.

Have a beautiful day friends, and thank you for stopping by to take a look :)

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