Hello friends, TGIF.

With today's post, I feel like I'm back and forth between Fall and Christmas holidays, as I shared my first holiday post earlier this week, and now here we are back again discussing a Fall idea. However, sometimes opportunity strikes at the last minute, as is the case today.

This weekend is a very special occasion for someone very special to me. It's my mom's birthday, the big 7-0! With her birthday being in the Fall, I took advantage of a fun little Fall gift wrap idea for her gift that I hope she will like.

Last year, I bought this bunch of faux chrysanthemums for another project that I never got around to. I thought, why not use the flowers for a beautiful gift topper?

Simply, cut the flowers off the stems at the top most point you can go.

Arrange flowers on gift package, and secure with glue from a hot glue gun. Since the bottom of the flowers are plastic, set the temperature on high.

If you wish, paste a monogram letter next to the arrangement (I chose "M" for mom, as the letter "I" might have looked a little funny).

The flower bunch is Ashland from Michaels stores. The glitter letters can be found at Hobby Lobby (I couldn't find a direct online link; they only seem to list the silver and burlap colours). The wrapping paper is a pearl white and you can purchase a roll HERE. Finally, the ribbon was a find at Dollarama.

Thanks all for taking a look. Do you think she'll enjoy this package? Have a beautiful weekend :)

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