When I thought up the idea to create today's project, I didn't have all of my materials yet. Then I got lucky and found the metallic gold envelopes, which I think completely amped up the glam and prettiness factor on this craft. Perfect for the holidays, right?

You may not want to hear it yet, but the holidays will soon be upon us. With all the gift buying we'll be doing, this little craft is the perfect compliment to a simple store gift card. I guarantee your gal pals, mom, sister, wife - will love it!



1. Fold over the top flap.

2. Punch a hole through the top for the ribbon later.

3. Arrange gemstones on the envelope in your choice of pattern. Apply just a small amount of glue on each gem.

4. Press down gently on gem and hold for a few seconds. Once the envelope is complete, let it dry for a few minutes before the next step (the metallic surface can be a bit slippery, and the gems will shift if the glue is not fully dry).

5. Cut your length of ribbon.

6. Insert ribbon through the hole and tie a bow.

Make a few ahead of time, and you'll be set for the entire season.

Thanks all for taking a look at today's project. Have you started your holiday shopping?

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