Being a craft blogger is like a dream come true, but being one in Canada sure has its limitations. Let me give you an example. Here, we don't have stores such as Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, Jo-Ann, or Target. We have Michaels. Our Walmart has two aisles for crafts, one being used up strictly for yarn. We used to have Lewiscraft and White Rose. Put your hand up if you remember those stores. I also prefer not to shop online much, because there's this awful thing I have to pay called a duty fee, on top of the cost of the product and shipping.

So, hubby and I with a few friends, made another trip across the border last weekend, strictly to fill my craft addiction and needs, as well as to get a few other things. I thought I would share some of my fun finds of things I have never seen here, with sources at the end of this post.

Blogging has come a long way since I can remember reading my first post way back when about five or six year ago. Styling, as well as a good, professional camera, is important for many bloggers, and to capture your reader's attention. Lately, my shopping trips have been more about picking up styling props, whether they include pretty scissors, chic notebooks, or pencils that talk back (below). Gold is my colour of choice, it has been for a while, and you'll see a pattern in today's photos.


Blue jars, twine, Eiffel Tower scissors, gold scissors, Scotch glitter washi tape, pencils, Handmade Modern paints: Target

Stork scissors, pineapple notebook, gift wrap, ruler, stapler: Hobby Lobby

Items not mentioned above were found in Canada:

Blue notebook: Chapters

Arrow paper clips: HomeSense or HomeGoods (U.S.)

Paint brushes: Dollarama

Thank you friends for taking a look. If you have any advice on where to look for more yummy styling props, preferably in my colour gold, I would love to know!

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