Today's project couldn't get any easier, but it's a cute little craft that I think even little ones will enjoy making.

When it comes to decorating my home for Halloween, I like to keep the decorations simple and homemade. It's also so that I can change things up every year if I wish, without spending a lot of money doing so.

To make these simple Halloween yarn ghosts, you will need:


  • White yarn

  • Cardboard or thick paper at least 5" long (I used an old BINGO card)

  • Fabric or sharp scissors

  • Elmer's Glue-All

  • Googly eyes


1. Wrap the yarn around the card about 36 times.

2. Cut one side to make the ends.

3. Tie another piece of yarn around the "neck" and double knot it. Trim the ends to equal length.

4. Glue on a pair of googly eyes.

To create a garland like I did, simply tie the ghosts to a long piece of yarn. I hung my garland on our DIY ladder.

I have created a few Halloween projects this season with googly eyes. You can pick them up inexpensively from dollar stores.

I hope you enjoyed this one. Thanks for taking a look today, friends.

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