Today's Halloween project is perfect for little kids, or a classroom of kids in toddler, pre-school or kindergarten. The reason is: these friendly spider sacks are mostly filled with stickers. You can include candy if you want, the choice is really yours. And best of all, most of the materials used to make them came straight from a dollar store!

To create these holiday treats sacks, you'll need:


  • Mini paper sacks

  • Spider rubber stamp

  • Craft Smart black ink pad

  • Googly eyes

  • Martha Stewart glittering glue

  • Stickers and lollipops

  • Scissors

  • Washi tape (optional)


You can create this project with any stamp you wish. I found the spider stamp at Hobby Lobby and chose it for this project. Stamp as many paper sacks as you need, going as close to the top of the fold with the web as possible.

Dab glue on the dots of the eyes. I like this particular glue stick because it has a very fine tip. You can buy a package of them from HERE.

Place two googly eyes on top and press and hold for a few seconds.

Then, stuff the sacks with stickers and lollipops.

And if you wish, secure the backs of them with washi tape.

I love these fun Halloween crafts, and I hope you enjoyed today's post too! Will you be making these for a classroom?

For many more Halloween ideas, please see HERE. Have a great day friends :)

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