Yesterday was my daughter's 3rd birthday, but her actual party is tomorrow. This weekend is also our Thanksgiving, and so I'm keeping the party decorations light as we'll be mostly at my moms.

Nevertheless, I always like to make something, and today I'm showing you one of two crafts I've planned for her birthday.

Victoria loves to watch Paw Patrol on TV, and her request, as far back as July was for a Paw Patrol party. Besides a few party decorations that I bought, I made her this custom gift wrap for one of her birthday gifts (the other is a new bike, and a little more difficult to wrap!) It was easily done, and I will share with you the process, and you can also download the Paw Patrol badges below.

I found the following images in a Google search, but I had to include the Everest badge separately as it wasn't part of the original image. It is a very high quality image and you can shrink it or make it larger if you wish. To download yours, click HERE.

Then I printed it on Silhouette's white sticker paper. Make sure you read your printer's settings. On my Canon MX492, I had to insert the paper face down.

I cut out the badges.

I also bought her this Paw Patrol memory game, because well, a Paw Patrol party isn't a party without a Paw Patrol gift!

Then, I wrapped the gift as normal using Kraft paper. I love using this or a plain white paper roll when it comes to making custom wrap, but this time I was out of white. The Paw badge that I used for the name tag was another Google search find. I simply brought the original image into Paint to erase the text that was inside the bone, and replaced it with Victoria's name. You can download a nameless Paw badge from HERE.

Once my gift was wrapped, I put the stickers on it. I do it this way so that I can place them strategically, and make sure that each character is visible on the wrapping paper. I applied the stickers mostly to the top, a few on the sides, and nothing on the bottom.

Next week I'll be sharing another Paw Patrol craft, and I hope you'll come back to take a look at that.

Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian friends!

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