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Today I'm showing you my Fall pumpkin garland. It was a fun, easy project to do, and I like how it adds a little seasonal warmth to this area of our living room. As temperatures start to fall, I always find the pleasure in these little crafts that give our home decor a handmade feel, as we'll be spending much more time indoors enjoying them.

To copy this craft, you will need a few things.


Of course, there's no sweat if you can't find the same paper. Your garland should be unique to your preferences.


1. Punch out oval shapes on the orange paper as many as you think you need (each pumpkin takes three).

2. Tape two shapes together on the non-textured side and flip it over and apply two foam dots as shown. Peel the protective film and apply and press an oval on top.

3. Punch out circles on the dotted paper and take one and punch out a "stem".

4. Tape the stem (or two) to the back of the pumpkin.

Once you complete the pumpkins, punch two holes at the top of each one with the hole punch. Alternately, if you don't like to see the twine thru them, you can tape the pumpkin backs to the twine.

Using orange in my decor is unlike me, I even try to avoid decorating with seasonal colours when I can, but I really happen to like this little addition. It brings out the colour in the small terracotta pot, and my coral box, so it doesn't seem as out of place as I was afraid it would be.

If you enjoyed today's post, you can catch up on other Fall projects HERE.

Thank you all for taking a look. I hope to see you here for a surprise post I have for you on Wednesday (I won't say more, just bring your best posts, seasonal or not!)

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