Some of my favourite changes to my decor are updates that are both quick and effortless.

A few weeks ago I was shopping at Target, and in the art supplies aisle I spotted these Handmade Modern cork stickers. There are two sheets in the pack, and the one that interested me most for this project was the sheet filled with arrows and hexagons. I decided to use a few of those shapes to add interest to a plain IKEA metal pot.

Simply, I applied the stickers in a pattern that I liked. To help me apply them in a straight form, I lined the bottom of the stickers to the bottom edge of the pot.

Then I plopped my aloe back in and placed the newly transformed pot on this toy storage bookcase in our living room.

In this corner, there are a few past projects that I've shared (gold dipped frames, custom wood tags, Our Happy Place free printable).

What are your thoughts on this quick, little update? With plenty of leftover stickers to use, I can see them making a blog appearance again in the future!

Thank you for visiting today :)

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