Hello friends. I am just popping in to show you what's new in the SHOP for this season.

You may have already seen these images on Instagram, but I always like to talk a little bit about them in a post.

If I had to choose a favourite from this collection, it would be this mason jar inspired shaker card. One thing that I have been incorporating more of lately is lots of different textures to make my cards more interesting and unique. This particular card has a lot of that, including the glitter on the candy corn, the baker's twine, and the silver lid which really brings it over the top (it's made with a heavy-duty glittered card stock). It is also my first shaker card, and I hope to make many more of them in the future!

For the first time, I used metal in my cards, as seen in the wreath hanger, which is made from a gold paper clip. Also note the textured leaves, and the shiny gold paper that comes out in some of the leaves and the text. This is the only card in my collection that actually says "Happy Thanksgiving". (In Canada, that's less than two weeks away!)

This "BOO" card is more simple, but also full of texture with glitter dots and rhinestones. I can see this as a fun card to give to kids, and it's priced a dollar cheaper than the others.

Finally, my spooky tree card. I really had fun making it! Once I got the idea for a spooky tree, it was a matter of playing around with the googly eyes, and finding which size would go where (I felt like a kid working on a class art project).

For information on prices and shipping, please visit the SHOP pages. Also, a reminder that I don't charge sales taxes on my cards.

Thank you all for taking a look. As always, I appreciate your feedback. I am particularly proud of my cards and the creativity that I put into them. I think we all feel that way about the work we do. Card making is a real passion of mine, and I can't wait to start working on the next set for Christmas!

Have a great day friends :)

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