Chrysanthemums are one of my favourite plants of all the seasons for many reasons. I like how perfectly round they are (like the tops of deliciously baked muffins), how they can last a long time, and the beautiful seasonal colours they produce.

However, when I came home with the one below, the pot it came in was nothing special to look at. In fact, it made the perfect blank canvas for a little Silhouette project.



Download this file. You can adjust the sizing if you need to. Insert the vinyl into your machine, bottom side down. You do not need to use a cutting mat with vinyl. Adjust the blade to 1 and send your project to cut.

Pull away the vinyl you don't need, and apply the transfer paper (after pulling away the sticky film) to your image and text. Press firmly on the letters. Pull the paper away gently and you'll see the letters now sticking to the transfer paper.

The pot was a little dusty so I cleaned the surface first with a damp paper towel. Once done, apply the transfer paper in the centre of the pot. Press and use the scraper tool over the letters to smooth them out onto the pot. Finally, pull away the transfer paper, and you're done.

I like how it adds just a little more to the space, and I think I made a good choice with the white vinyl because it really pops against the brown pot. I honestly waited weeks to do this project for this mum to start blooming. I always buy them with their buds closed so that they will last a long time. But talk about a long time - after a few weeks I only have several flowers!

The large tri-colour pot is my favourite however. I picked it up at Costco for only $11!

I just started seeing pumpkins here too, and haven't spotted any white ones yet, which are my favourite. I used to enjoy painting them, but this time I just let them be.

If you don't have a Silhouette CAMEO, and would like to take on projects like this, Amazon is offering their starter bundle at a great price right now. It includes the machine, as well as two cutting mats and blades, sketch pens, and free cut files from the Silhouette store for a whole month.

I hope you enjoyed today's project and can use the freebie somehow in your Fall decorating.

Happy first day of Fall friends :)

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