I haven't forgotten about Fall, but I'm jumping the gun and sharing my first Halloween craft of the season.

You got a sneak peek on Instagram of these boney guys, and today is your lucky day! I am sharing two free cut files for your Silhouette for your convenience, if you happen to like them enough to use for your next Halloween craft or party.

However that being said, you don't actually need a Silhouette machine to do this project. Those handy old scissors will work just fine (see the bottom of the post for the downloadable PDF version).

First, download these two files:

Proceed to print and cut. I'll explain how:

1. Skeleton_Outline: Open the file in your Silhouette Studio software. There will be 5 skeletons on the page. If you have a CAMEO, like me, you can send it to print on your home printer right from the software. However, printing is tricky. Make sure to select each skeleton and go to Line Style Options. For each one, select the box "Print Lines of Selected Shapes", and change the line thickness. I chose a thickness of 1.2 pt. Then, I proceeded to print on regular printer paper, and cut each skeleton out with scissors.

2. Skeleton_Silhouette: To get what I call the silhouette of the skeletons, I simply took the original file and offset the images, but you don't have to do that; simply open the second file, which is done for you. When you go to cut it out on your CAMEO, make sure to select plain card stock, choose blade 3, speed 4, and up the thickness if need be (the default will be at 20). This will depend on how thick your paper is. Then, use a glue stick to adhere the bones to the silhouettes.

Party project 1: Skeleton straws

This craft is too easy, but fun. All you need are some scissors and glitter washi tape to tape each straw to a skeleton.

This post was supposed to end here, but then...

Party project 2: Skeleton treat bags

I found these treat bags just laying around in the craft room, so I got another idea. Skip the silhouettes for this one if you like; I happen to like Mr. Bones the way he is. Glue him to the front of a treat bag, add some thicker stickers for fun, and punch two holes for the twine to go through.

As I mentioned, you can also craft these projects without a die-cutter. Download the PDF HERE.

Have you started your Halloween crafting yet? Seriously, am I too early?

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