I had a few gold gilding sheets leftover from this project, so I decided to see how they would work on paper.

The process is the exact same, but I did learn something from this project: apply the glue evenly, but do not add too much or the paper will curve.

I always use a heavy-duty card stock for most of my projects, which you'll need to make these pretty folded tags, along with these other items:



1. Gather all supplies.

2. Fold card stock like so and apply an even thin layer of glue. Wait five minutes.

3. Gently apply the gilding sheet face down and press with your fingers, making sure to get that edging. Wait 5 minutes.

4. Pull sheet away gently and use a clean sponge to brush away the excess gold.

5. Punch tag at the fold of the paper.

6. Use the clean sponge brush again to take away excess gold fakes if need be.

7. Use the scalloped scissors to create a diagonal pattern on the front of the tag.

8. Punch a hole for the twine to go through.

While you're waiting for step 2 for the adhesive to become tacky, and step 3 for the film to take, you can move on to another coloured paper, so that you can make multiple tags at one time.

Thanks all for taking a look today. I hope you enjoyed today's project. Have a great day!

#GiftTags #Paper #Punches


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