Don't let the summer go by without crafting these cute and fruity gift tags to adorn your next gift (or gifts!)

With less than half an hour of your time, you can create these sweet and simple wrapping favours. And you have to admit, they are too cute not to!



Grapes: Punch out eight petite circles and glue as such to make the shape of a bunch of grapes. Use the larger circle punch to make the stem, and glue above.

Orange: Punch out a large circle, and create the stem from the Fiskars petal by petal punch. Glue the stem down first, and overlap the circle.

Watermelon slices: Use the large circle punch to create semi-circles, punching the green ones a little bigger. Glue the red semi's on top. Use the hole punch to make 10 little black dots, and glue five on each slice to create "seeds".

Lemon: Punch a large yellow circle and two petal-like stems with the Fiskars punch. Glue stems down first, and overlap the circle.

Apple: Punch a large red circle, and use the same punch to create the "bite" mark. Glue a petal stem created with the Fiskars punch down first. Glue the apple overtop.

Cut twine and feed through tags.

What do you think?

Have a great day friends!

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