Here's a fun little craft to get kids in the mood for back to school: adorable paper pencils!

These aren't your typical no. 2 pencils. They are chic, adorned with pattern, and have my favourite: white erasers on the ends!

But you can make them any colour you want, and to do so, you'll need a few tools first to get the project going.


(Kids are perfectly capable to do this project, but an adult should be present around the use of the paper trimmer).


First, punch out as many hearts as pencils you'll need in off-white and gray card stock. Do the same by punching semi-circles with the circle punch on the white card stock. Then, follow the steps below:

1. Measure the bottom of the semi-circle on the paper trimmer, and trim your scrapbook paper that width. Then, trim it to about 2 1/4 inches long.

2. Cut across the top, width-wise, with the scalloped scissors.

3. Apply glue runner to the pencil base and attach to an off-white upside-down heart.

4. Trim the ends off the heart.

5. Apply the gold "metal" and cut off the excess.

6. Tape the white semi-circle or "eraser" to the pencil's edge.

7. Cut the tip of a gray heart to make the "graphite".

8. Attach it to the pencil with the glue stick.

Each pencil takes about 5 minutes to make. Attach them to gifts, cards, or make them just for fun.

I hope you enjoyed today's craft. If you still have a little back to school shopping to do, check out this post too. Have a great day!

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