Last Monday I shared with you my favourite paper craft projects of all time since this blog came into existence about one year ago. Today's post focuses on some DIY projects. What defines DIY? I like to think of anything that isn't a paper craft per say, a DIY project. They can be small or big, simple or difficult, but I do try to keep the projects here in this blog easy and doable as much as I can.

I have archived quite a few DIY projects in one year, but some of my favourite DIY posts by far have been:




These wood coasters, made from a fallen tree branch during an ice storm. Even though I shared the project two years after we made them, I still love these coasters and use them daily.

The time I used old nail colours to differentiate my keys. Now I have no trouble telling them apart.

When I made these chic gold and wood tags for my living room storage boxes to conceal some toys and books:

This glitter turquoise necklace was a gift for my sister-in-law who I know loves blues and wears necklaces all the time (or I would have kept it for myself!) I thought it made a nice, thoughtful gift, and it may look harder than it is to make.

In this post, I showed you how to make these quick and easy Instagram photo canvases. But you can use them to display anything such as your favourite art, postcards, or Polaroids.


P I N M E !


​Click HERE to catch up on all DIY projects from White House Crafts.

Next Monday, the hot topic is washi tape projects. Stay tuned :)



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