If you've been following this blog for a while, then you've seen this corner of my living room before (HERE and HERE). I like to change things up once in a while, so a week or so ago I hung up the artwork that was previously leaning against the wall. I added a new print that really caught my eye - the photo of the boats, which I picked up at Chapters on clearance - and decided it should go here too, so up went a small gallery wall.

But then there was something about having the prints up there that made them blend into the wall rather than pop out and catch your attention. Maybe it was just me, but I needed to do something and I knew just what to do.

I love gold as an accent, and since I have quite a bit of gold popping up throughout the room, I decided to give the frames a little paint dip effect with gold spray paint. This project was so easy to do, yet what a difference it made! I love the result and couldn't be happier.



First, I removed the prints and glass from the frames. I set out a tarp over a table in my driveway. Always spray paint in a well-ventilated area, and if you're doing it outdoors, make sure the wind is calm.

Working one frame at a time, apply a small piece of tape to the frame where you want to spray it below, and measure the distance from the bottom of the tape to the bottom of the frame. Apply that measurement to determine where to locate another small piece of tape on the opposite side. Then, tape the top fully to protect it from spray particles.

Shake the spray can well, and apply the first coat of paint. Wait about 30 minutes before the applying the second coat. Wait for the paint to dry completely before pulling off the tape. For a clean edge, I found peeling the tape off slowly worked best.

The "Our Happy Place" print is my own creation and you can download it HERE. It's available in three colours. The "Hexagon Cluster" print is from Minted (where you can now enjoy 10% off for joining). Both are framed in Ribba frames from IKEA. The boats was a Chapters find (no longer available online), and it's framed in a frame from HomeSense (I had to trim an inch off the original print at the top to make it fit since it was an awkward size).

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When you compare the before and after, do you think the gold accented frames now make the prints pop a little more, or do you see no difference?

Thank you all for taking a look today. Have a beautiful one :)

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