A few week's ago, I changed the wall colour in my daughter's room to a colour called Charming Pink by Sherwin Williams. Also back in March, she converted from her crib to a twin bed. Lots of changes, new furniture, and also a rearranging of furniture gave me the opportunity to add a new wall hanging in her room once everything was in its new place.

You might remember the butterfly prints I made for my daughter's room last summer. In keeping with the theme, opposite the wall with the butterfly prints, I decided to make her a butterfly wall hanging to go just above her bed.



First, paint a wood dowel rod. Mine is about 12 inches long. I used DecoArt's Crafter's Acrylic paint, which I picked up at the dollar store. Wait about 30 minutes before applying a second coat.

While that dries, punch out as many butterflies as you think you'll need. I used the exact same lever punch and coloured card stock as in my butterfly prints project.

Then I took an unpainted dowel from the pack and used it to determine how many lengths to hang. I also set out my pattern.

Once satisfied with a pattern, I cut three lengths of string and taped the butterflies to them, evenly spreading the butterflies apart (you may want to use a ruler for accurate measurement).

I didn't tie them to the dowel yet. First, I cut a length for the top and double knotted it to the dowel rod, about two inches in on each side. I snipped off the excess string.

Then I tied the butterfly strings, starting with the one in the centre. I made sure the top three butterflies were at the same starting height.

Once I nailed the wall hanging to the wall in my daughter's room, I fixed the butterflies so that the "good" side faced outward.

To be quite honest, the biggest challenge in this project was taking the photographs in her room! With awkward ceilings and a single window, I couldn't quite get it right. So imagine then, that opposite the bed is the where her butterfly prints are.

With almost all the walls now filled up in her room (I have a large antique mirror above her dresser, and a wall clock also hanging in the room), I'm calling her room done! :)

Thanks all for visiting today. I hope you have an amazing one.

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