Today marks the official start of summer break for me and my daughter. Some posts ago, I mentioned that I might be taking a small break from here, with the exception of Friday Favourites. Though that's not certain yet, I will try to my best to get on here as much as I normally would. I just know it though, that her adventurous self (and busy body might I add) will be taking mommy away from here quite a bit (and besides, summers are far too short in Canada to miss even one good day of it). If I do happen to stray, I won't be doing so without an update here or on social media. I will keep you posted.

Today, I have some really fun projects to share with you. As always, the talent and creative ideas out there is just mind blowing. Which one here is your favourite, if you could choose just one? Read on to find out more on each of these projects.

1. Can you guess what this "pine" apple is made from?

2. These DIY wood chargers aren't short of elegant for this wedding party.

3. A functional herb garden that takes very little space, but packs a lot of impact.

4. I just want all of these pom pom flower party sticks.

5. These DIY confetti candy bowls just make me happy.

I hope you all have a great weekend friends, and as always, make it a crafty one!



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