Hello friends. In just a week, my daughter will be finished pre-school for the summer break. I racked my brain for a special gift to give to her teacher, and yes a mug and chocolate did come to mind at first. But then I stumbled upon the ecocube (plant in a wooden box). I thought it was adorable and an appropriate gift, especially with a poem fixed to it. I purchased the ecocube at Chapters.

I chose Forget Me Not, but they also had lavender, gerbera daisy, basil, and sunflower, as well as a few others. I thought the idea of growing a plant from seed, like helping a child grow, would be fitting. You can learn more about the ecocube HERE.

Then I typed up this poem in a Word document:

You may be able to read it better here:

If you wish, you can download the poem HERE as a free printable. I used the font Nella Sue, if you wish to type it (I download all my fonts for free HERE).

I printed the poem on plain white printer paper. I used a paper trimmer to trim it to size, and applied double-sided tape to adhere it to a sheet of card stock. I trimmed that down, punched a hole for the twine, then tied it with the note attached around the ecocube like ribbon around a gift.

You can see the cube's actual size in this next photo. It fits right in the palm of my hand:

*Please note, this was not a sponsored post by ecocube or the retailers mentioned in this post.*

Thank you all for taking a look today. Would you agree that this is a perfect gift from toddler to teacher?

Have a beautiful day!

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