Can you tell the difference between these two keys?

They aren't the same, but when you start dealing with similar looking keys to unlock the door to your house, you can't always stop to look for that subtle difference between them.

I took old nail colours to differentiate my home and garage key. The only difficult thing about this project was waiting for the enamel to dry!


  • Nail polish in two shades (or more, depending on the number of keys)

  • Washi tape

  • Scissors


Cut two small pieces of washi tape and wrap around the keys like so:

I chose nail polish for two reasons: the small brush makes it easy to apply the paint, and two is it gives the keys a really nice shine.

Apply a coat of nail polish around the entire top end of the keys. To let them dry, cut small pieces of washi and stick the keys upright to the edge of a table. Let dry at least five minutes before applying the second coat. Optional: seal keys with a clear top coat nail polish.

The top photo shows what a single coat of nail polish would look like. The bottom photo shows two coats, leaving the keys completely opaque.

Let the keys dry completely (at least a few hours!) before pulling off the tape and attaching them to a key ring.

Also attached to this key ring is my DIY braided twine key chain that I made a few weeks ago.

How do you tell the difference between your keys?

Happy Saturday friends!

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