Hello and happy Friday my friends. I'm sorry I left you hanging all week. I've been busy with some home projects, like painting my daughter's bedroom. I promised to do it a long time ago, and thankfully she's very forgiving towards mommy's procrastination :)

Last Sunday, I posted 10 summer projects to DIY. When I hit publish on that post, we had been receiving the most gorgeous sun rays and hot, hot temperatures. This week, the temps dropped to below 15! The weather has been something else here, that's for sure.

I hope you enjoy today's lineup of my favourite crafts of the week. I am anxious to get back at it next week myself, now that my house to-dos are all but finished (for now!)

1. Brown thumbers can relax with this DIY plant that never needs watering.

2. A quick paint DIY for your ice cream bowls (mix and match them).

3. Make these watermelon stickers with office supplies!

4. This watermelon floppy hat is a cinch to make.

5. Add a custom saying to your favourite zipper pouch.

To catch up on all posts in this series, please click HERE.

Thanks all for visiting today. Have a beautiful day!



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