Hello friends, I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend.

A few weeks ago we had a garage sale, and during that time I went through every drawer, cupboard, storage bin, and closet, etc. to gather items I no longer wanted to sell at the sale. I found this old red candle, never lit, and decided to keep it because I like to display candles from time to time. But the red just wasn't doing it for me. Also around that time I saw this anchor paper at Michaels, and an idea struck: to cover the candle with that beautiful nautical pattern (which I'm totally obsessed with by the way) and rope!

I may never light it, but I like it 10 times better. You can also achieve this look with my tutorial below.



1. Measure candle height (I did it right on the paper trimmer), and cut the paper that length plus some.

2. Apply a length of tape right to the candle and adhere paper.

3. Wrap paper around candle and apply another piece of tape to secure the end.

4. Apply a drop of glue where you want to start roping.

5. Press on rope and wrap tightly around candle (I wrapped it around 3 times).

6. Cut end and apply glue to secure the end. Press and hold for a few seconds.

After I was finished I thought the candle was still missing something, and a shell was exactly that. I went looking for one around the house (I have them displayed in bowls in my hutch), took one and attached it to the front with hot glue.

If you do a similar project and plan on lighting the candle, remember to be extra cautious because of the paper.

Thanks all for taking a look today. I hoped you liked this project. Have a good one :)

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