Hello friends, happy Friday :) Today is a very special day because it's my birthday! And I am celebrating with these adorable paper cupcake treats.

No seriously, I love my birthday, and I love having it in May. It's when the tulips here begin to bloom, and soon I'll be potting some pretty colourful annuals to last me the summer through. Gardening is one of my other passions that I don't often talk about here on the blog. But on top of all that, we eat cake!

For today's project though, I'll take these adorable looking cupcakes. They were so fun and easy to make, and once you get the hang of it, you can whip one up in under ten minutes. This actually wasn't a planned project - it was a last minute attempt. But I had everything I needed to see it through, so why not! I couldn't be giddier about how they turned out. I love those kinds of projects!



1. Gather supplies (hot glue gun not shown), and make two strips for the confetti.

2. Punch out 8 circles.

3. Stack the circles in your hand and use scissors to cut a small slit into the side.

4. Slide circles into each other to form a round.

5. Spread circles evenly apart and apply a piece of tape to keep them secure.

6. Cut the strips you made earlier into small rectangles.

7. Use a glue stick to apply the "confetti" to the top of the cupcake.

8. Use the glue gun to apply the centre "cherry" or gem, and glue around the edges of the cup.

9. Apply the top and gently press.

Aren't these cupcakes so sweet? It kind of makes me want to eat one! You can even remove the lids and store candy inside for a party if you wish.

Thanks for visiting today, friends. Have a lovely day and Mother's Day weekend too.




P.s. Because I didn't do my usual holiday roundup, you can catch up on all Mother's Day posts by clicking HERE. There is still time for a little craft!

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