Hello friends. Do you remember when I shared with you my "My Happy Place" print in this post? Well, a few weeks ago I decided it needed a little updating.

When I first made the print, I hung it in a corner of our living room above my work desk. I made a claim to that space, hence the "My" in the artwork. Since the move last June, I no longer have a work area in the living room. Therefore I wanted to change the print to say "Our", and rightfully so, since the living room is a family space and we all use it equally.

While I was updating the print, I also changed the font and altered the hue to something that suits my tastes today. It's still blue because blue is my favourite colour and it suits the rest of the living room's palette. But I've made other colours available to you as well (because it looks pretty awesome in colours other than blue too!)




My printables are always free to download. Which colour is your favourite? Where would you put it in your home?

It was a small update, but one that makes me happy. I switched it with the old print so it went back in the same frame - an IKEA Ribba frame. For a clean, modern looking frame, available in black, white and gray, I think they are the best value you can get!

And next to it is the first Minted print I ever purchased, called Hexagon Cluster. I buy prints from there all the time because I find them affordable and the options endless, and today they are having a site-wide 15% off sale until April 25th. The code to use at checkout is SPRING16.

In case you missed the post about my wood tags, as seen attached to the boxes in the bookcase, you can catch up HERE.

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you have an amazing one!

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