For those of you who own an electronic cutter, this ones for you. But even if you don't, learn why having a cutting machine is pretty awesome!

This was by far the easiest project I ever did using my Silhouette CAMEO, but for some reason it was the one I was most afraid of trying for the first time. I have had some struggle cutting card stock and still do from time to time, but cutting vinyl, which is what I used for this project, turns out is a piece of cake!

Typography has become one of my favourite forms of art as of late, and whether it goes on the wall or plant pots, it's all the same to me! If you feel the same way, read on to find out how I gave two plain pots some silly pun-sonality (you like that, don't you?)



Choose your flower pots. I took two existing pots that I once purchased from IKEA. They are small, about four inches tall. The larger the pots, the larger you may want to make your text.

Download this file. I made the text in Arial Unicode MS, but you can change that and also adjust the size accordingly.

Insert the vinyl into your machine, bottom side down. You do not require a cutting mat here. Adjust the blade to 1 and send your project to cut.

Here is where I got a little bit nervous, given my history of bad cuts. However, I was much surprised to see that the vinyl cut perfectly clean without any issues. It was also very easy to pull away the vinyl that I didn't need for my project right off the backing. Do that next.

Use scissors to separate the two phrases, since they are each going on their own pot. Cut two small sheets of transfer paper. Working one phrase at a time, apply the transfer paper to the text. Press firmly on the letters. Pull the paper away gently and you'll see the letters now sticking to the transfer paper.

Place where you want the phrase to go on the pot. Press and use the scraper tool over the letters to smooth them out onto the pot. Finally, pull away the transfer paper, and admire your work! (Repeat for pot #2)

Aren't they cute? I like how easy and quick this project was (about 10 minutes!)

Thanks for following along today. Didn't I tell you cutting machines are pretty awesome? A little work can go a long way. These pots now crack me up :)

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