Today's freebie is a special gift for mom. Mother's Day is next month, and it's never too early to start thinking about it, especially if you plan to give a gift handmade from the heart.

Do you remember earlier in the week when I shared my DIY paint dipped tassels project? I mentioned in that post that I had a plan for them. Today that plan unfolds in three pretty watercolour Mother's Day tassel bookmarks.

I made the bookmarks using a vintage rose watercolour graphic I found through Creative Market. You have to become a member to purchase any graphics from that site, but it's a great website that provides many options to create your own artwork, like these beautiful bookmarks.

This is how the image will look when you download it. It will print all three bookmarks on one page. I like both phrases, but the one in the middle is really beautiful to me. Click HERE to download the PDF.

I printed the image on a heavy card stock and using a paper trimmer I cut just inside the dotted lines. I also used a heavy-duty hole punch to make a clean circle to feed the yarn through later. You don't have to print on card stock if you wish. Another option is to print the image on vinyl and transfer to a wood bookmark. Wood is becoming quite popular and it's sturdier than paper. But paper can also be laminated if you like.

Attaching the tassels to the bookmarks was easy. Simply feed the long thread thru and tie a double knot. In case you missed how to make them, please see HERE. You'll need to get your favourite paint colours ready :)

I hope you enjoyed this crafty idea for Mother's Day. Which one is your favourite?

Have a beautiful day :)

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