If you subscribe to my newsletter, I did a fun Q&A for my last email blitz. One of the questions I asked was what was my favourite social media. The answer was a no brainer - Instagram!

As usual, I was slow jumping on the Insta-bandwagon. My feed is less than a year old, but it's not just my feed that I've been obsessing over lately, it's these five other amazingly awesome feeds that I can't get enough of.

If you look at all of them as a big picture, you'll notice what these feeds have in common for me: bright colours, clear, crisp photos, but most importantly, fun and creative ideas for craft. Craft is what this blog is all about!

Below are my 5 top Instagram feeds for crafts!

1. @brepurposed: classic and pretty:

Follow @brepurposed


2. @damasklove: creative, colourful, and amazing with tools:

Follow @damasklove


3. @kailochic: stylish, fun, and colourful:

Follow @kailochic


4. @makeandtellblog: sweet and handcrafted:

Follow @makeandtellblog


5. @tellloveandparty: creative and party central:

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What did you think of them?

Before I go, there is one more thing I want to mention - Instagram is changing the way you see posts. If you would still like to see my posts pop up on your home page, please change your notification settings to allow that (under my account - "Turn on Post Notifications").

Do you have a favourite Instagram feed that you can't get enough craft-spiration from? I totally made that a word today :)



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