These may be the smallest Easter gifts you'll ever see! The jars, which are actually sipping jars, are less than 4 inches tall. But I loved the idea of using jars instead of bags, which I typically do, for this year's gifts for the kids in my family. (My daughter is only 2; she'll get an adorable Easter basket made of plastic). My youngest nephew is 8 and the oldest is 15, so I figure they can put the jars to some use afterwards.


  • Sipping jars

  • Easter grass

  • Few small chocolates & candies

  • Card stock in a few colours (I used pink, yellow and blue)

  • Hole punch

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • 2" oval punch

  • Bunny/baby chick stickers

  • String


I bought the jars from Party City, and gave them a good wash first. Then I placed a small amount of Easter grass inside. I hole punched through some card stock paper to make confetti (I shared that photo on Instagram this week). I sprinkled it over the Easter grass to add some colour and fun. Then I added the chocolates and candy, dividing up an equal amount. I bought peanut butter filled chocolates, ju jubes and sour candy, all from Bulk Barn.