These may be the smallest Easter gifts you'll ever see! The jars, which are actually sipping jars, are less than 4 inches tall. But I loved the idea of using jars instead of bags, which I typically do, for this year's gifts for the kids in my family. (My daughter is only 2; she'll get an adorable Easter basket made of plastic). My youngest nephew is 8 and the oldest is 15, so I figure they can put the jars to some use afterwards.


  • Sipping jars

  • Easter grass

  • Few small chocolates & candies

  • Card stock in a few colours (I used pink, yellow and blue)

  • Hole punch

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • 2" oval punch

  • Bunny/baby chick stickers

  • String


I bought the jars from Party City, and gave them a good wash first. Then I placed a small amount of Easter grass inside. I hole punched through some card stock paper to make confetti (I shared that photo on Instagram this week). I sprinkled it over the Easter grass to add some colour and fun. Then I added the chocolates and candy, dividing up an equal amount. I bought peanut butter filled chocolates, ju jubes and sour candy, all from Bulk Barn.

The lids have a pretty flower pattern on them. To make them pop, I cut circles from the same card stock paper and secured it to the inside of the lids using a tiny amount of hot glue around the edges.

To finish off the gifts, I made quick tags using a craft punch, and adorable real-life Easter stickers I found a few weeks ago at Dollarama. I tied them to the jars with string.

I think the jars are so fun and colourful, and I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Each jar still got about 25 treats!

Thanks for coming to look today. Have you made any Easter gifts? I don't usually like to give a lot of sugar to kids, but it's a small token to celebrate the holiday and say thanks for being a part of my life!

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