Hello friends, happy Saturday!

This is a project that I was eager to try for some time. For a while though, I couldn't find the right pendant I needed for this project. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the Blank Slate by Traditions brand - a beautiful silver pendant and it was just the look I was going for!

I have been eager to see if my method for a pretty glitter turquoise necklace would actually work, and if so, to make one to give as a beautiful gift. I am happy to say that it did work, and I'm just about to package this baby up :)

Here's what I used to make this necklace. The sources and project cost are at the end of this post.



Work over a paper plate to keep mess contained. Squeeze a few drops of Mod Podge into pendant and twist the pendant around with your fingers until the entire surface is covered with glue. Be sure to add enough glue, but not too much.

Use a small scoop to add glitter to the pendant. Gently shake the pendant to allow glitter to settle into the glue. Do this again if need be, until entire surface is covered with glitter. If need be, use your finger to flatten the surface. Use your fingernail to remove any glitter and glue that got around the edges.

Turn pendant sideways and shake off excess glitter that didn't stick. Wait 30 minutes and repeat. Do this every 30 minutes until no more glitter falls off.

Let the pendant stand for a few hours to dry. Then seal it with - get this - Sally Hansen's clear top coat nail polish!

The polish gives it a really nice shine. I figure if it works for my nails, why wouldn't it work here?

This is just a quick shot of the back of the pendant.

Ain't it pretty? I love this colour for Spring and summer. But I don't wear necklaces much. This project was always intended as a gift. I think handmade gifts are so special! Wouldn't you agree?


Pendant & chain: Hobby Lobby

Mini scoop (pack of 3 sizes): Hobby Lobby

Nail polish: Walmart

Thanks for taking a look today friends. Have a wonderful day!

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