We live in a world with many unlimited resources, yet sometimes we may feel very limited in what we can do. What I'm talking about here are fonts and texts. Although there are many websites out there that provide us with our choice of fabulous free fonts, why should we be limited to fonts that come with the programs we use? Why don't they come with all of those fabulous free fonts already?

The fact is, we have to work a little harder to get what we want. Today I'm going to show you where I like to look for free fonts, and how I bring them into my Silhouette Studio software.

I mentioned in this post that I used a custom font to create the text for the tags. It's true. Even though the Silhouette program comes with a lot of fonts, there wasn't one that suited my tastes at the time. So I went searching for a font at my favourite source:

Have you heard of it or used it before? It's really easy, but I'll bring you through the step-by-step process:

First off, I use a PC (sorry Mac users). So I'm not sure how much of this will help you if you're using a Mac. Go to You'll see that you can search all types of different fonts: comic, groovy, decorative, and typewriter to name some under the Fancy category, or you can search by other categories such as Script and Holiday. You can also test how that font works for your project by typing in the word or phrase. I'll show you:

I did a quick search under "Various" and came across the font: Pink Bunny. I liked it so I clicked on it to open. Where it says "custom preview", I typed in the words "you're a cute bunny", and previewed my text in a large font (under "size" options):

Once you're satisfied with a font, click on Download, which is a button on the right side of the page. A folder will go to your downloads.

Open the TrueType file, which will look like this:

Click Install at the top.

Now if you want, double check that the font has been installed correctly by going to Control Panel - Appearance & Personalization - Fonts. I selected the Pink Bunny font to show you that it's there:

Open the Silhouette Studio software. Type your text in a new document. When you search through your fonts, the Pink Bunny font should automatically be there:

It's a little hard to see, but it's selected under Text Style.


P I N M E !


Do you have a favourite website for free fonts to share with my readers?

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