Hello friends, happy Wednesday to you :)

Yesterday I shared with you my "My Happy Place" print as a free download. I mentioned somewhere in that post that I bought boxes at a good price from the Real Canadian Superstore to conceal toys and books in my living room. Today I'll show you how I made the custom wood tags for the boxes, and what you'll need to replicate the look.

I made two tags, one with the word "books" and the other with the word "toys".



The first thing I did was give a coat of paint to the tags with the sponge brush, following the grain of the wood. I let them dry for about half an hour, then gave them a second coat. I also made sure to paint around the edges, covering both tags entirely in black. (I do realize that with two coats each, the tags came out slightly different in shade. I could have fixed that, but I happened to like them this way!)

In my Silhouette, I typed in the word "books". I downloaded a custom font to use, and chose that as my font for this project. (At this point, I won't get into downloading fonts - I will save that for a future post.) I wanted the text to cut as a whole, so I first changed the character spacing to 83.6. Then I welded all the letters together (Object - Modify - Weld). I did the same for the word "toys", but made the font a little larger.

I sent my project to cut on gold foil, since gold is an accent colour in my living room. Then I simply adhered the stickers onto the tags after they dried completely.

I fed lengths of jute twine through the tags and they are being held up by tape which I adhered to the inside of the boxes.

Thanks all for taking a look at today's project. If you missed yesterday's freebie, you can catch up HERE.

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