As I sit here watching the snow fall turn into rain, I thought I would update you on my latest project: an origami catchall box (or 3).

I thought I would give this project a go after seeing that my daughter's jewellery collection was getting a little out of hand, scattered all over her dresser. My original idea was to buy her a decent jewellery box, but I haven't found one yet to commit to. Over the next few months, her room should be seeing a lot of changes: new wall paint, and a crib-to-bed conversion. Then I will also think about updating the accessories, but in the meantime, I like my temporary and free jewellery catchall solution.

There's one, maybe two things, you will need for this project: a pretty sheet of paper, and a paper trimmer.

The first box that I did was made using a 12 x 12 inch sheet of scrapbook paper. It was too big for my purposes, so I cut a few inches off to make new boxes for her dresser.