I was looking back at some old posts, and I had made a promise back in the Fall to share my wood coasters project. I think it got forgotten because it was a project that I did a few years ago, and I don't have any tutorial photos to share along with it. Whoops. But, I will try my best to remember all the details on how to make these rustic coasters that are still as good as new as the day we made them.

I was a little inspired on this project. At the time, Chapters was selling a version, but they were a bit too costly for me. Hubby and I were on a walk with my daughter, who was just a few months old at the time, when I spotted a thick branch on the side of the road. It was shortly after the Toronto ice storm of 2013, so there was fallen wood everywhere.

Fast forward to February, almost two years ago, and we finally got to work on that branch to make 5 beautiful wood coasters.



Make sure the branch is dry (not damp). I had my hubby help me with the next step. Use the mitre saw to cut 5 (or as many as you can) 1/4 inch thick slices at the thickest part of the branch. Then sandpaper both sides until the surfaces are smooth.

Take an old dish rag and apply 2 coats of the semi-gloss Varathane to each side, plus around the edges. Let each coat dry for an hour. I chose a clear finish because I wanted a natural look for my coasters, but there are many kinds of stains you can get. After staining them, let the coasters dry completely for about 24 hours.

Then, use the Varathane can to trace 5 circles on a sheet of felt of your colour choice. Cut them out and glue felt to one side (your least favourite side) of the coasters with the glue. They don't have to be perfectly round. They are there to protect the surface of your tables.

I absolutely love looking at the wood grains and how smooth the edges feel from the stain.

They are perfectly imperfect.

Thanks all for taking a look today. For more inspiration, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Twitter, and always stay up-to-date when you like me on Facebook.

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