I know I've been posting the Valentine crafts as early as the middle of January, while some of us may not even be into Valentine's. I know, I've been there. But view's can change, especially when there's kids involved. Now I use the holidays as an excuse to be creative and have fun. Even if it's making little things like these paper straw hearts. It keeps little ones busy, learning, and working to perfect their creative skills. (And for some moms and dads - a little free time while the little ones work!)

To make these paper straw hearts, you need three things: paper straws, pipe cleaners, and scissors.


Fold pipe cleaner in half and cut two lengths of straw about 3 inches long. Cut those in half and feed through pipe cleaner. My straws have little red hearts on them, so I made sure the hearts were facing up. Fold over the tops to create that heart shape. Then, cut four 1 inch pieces of straw and feed those through. Finally, twist the ends closed and shape the heart to your satisfaction.

I made three in about 10 minutes.

Then I hung them up on a chalkboard I have in my kitchen.

(Leave that option up to your kids. They may want to decorate their room with them, or give some to their friends!)

I hope you enjoyed the project today, friends. Have a good one!

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