Just when I thought I had a complete Valentine's Day gift for my 2-year-old daughter, I found her this Curious George book that I couldn't pass up while I was out shopping the other day. She has had an obsession with fire trucks for weeks, it's almost too cute. Our house backs onto a major road, and we can hear the sirens as the trucks drive by. And every time we do, my daughter stops what she's doing to listen, and runs to the back windows to see the fire trucks whizzing past. Oh, and did I mention, she watches Curious George on Netflix all the time?

Her birthday isn't until October, so I decided to buy her the book for Valentine's Day to go along with my other gift. If you remember, I had made her these blue button earrings, and packaged them in this custom paper envelope. But now with a book as well, I needed a bag, so I decided to whip up a quick one with supplies from my craft room.



Pour a small amount of paint on the paper plate. Dab some on the brush, and apply to bag in a quick back and forth motion from top to bottom. The quickness gives it that wispy effect. This should only take a minute.

While it dries, punch out 6 gold foil hearts. I used scraps of my Silhouette paper, which has an adhesive backing, but you can go and buy an inexpensive gold paper and use a glue stick for this. The heart punch is from Michaels.

The paint dries quickly, and once it does, simply adhere the hearts in pairs down the middle of the bag.

If you don't have any Kraft bags or can't find them, I think the juxtapose of the pink paint and gold paper on a white paper bag would look stunning. I just used what I had on hand for this project (free is always good!)

I put the earrings package in the bag too, but first I took the tag off since it wasn't needed anymore.

This my friends, was a 5 minute job!

Have you ever thrown in a last minute gift when you thought you were done?

Next week, I'm planning a little Valentine's Day treat for all the kiddos in her toddler class. Come back to check that out!

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