Hello friends. Happy Friday to you :)

This is one of those projects where you need the best seat on the couch and a good Netflix movie. It's time consuming, tedious, but so easy that it requires little attention, just doing. But what a difference a little colour makes! Suddenly the daunting task of laundry doesn't seem so bad.


  • Plain clothespins

  • Washi tape in at least four colours/patterns

  • Sharp scissors


First, make sure the clothespins are clean and the wood isn't splintering anywhere. Then, working one side at a time, cut a piece of washi tape and adhere it to the clothespin. Flip it over and cut ends using a very sharp scissors or this won't work. Finish off the other side with another colour and repeat process.

I used what I had on hand so this project didn't cost me a penny. And funny how the colours are all very bright, almost fluorescent in hue. Bright is just what I was going for to perk me up on these long winter days!

Thanks all for taking a look. Have a great day!

#DIY #Organization #Washi


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