Over the holidays, I cleaned out my daughter's clip drawer. She collected a few clips since birth, and I remember putting these teeny tiny pink ones in her hair when she was just a newborn. Sigh. Her hair grew and grew and grew, and it's thick like mine, so those poor and pretty mini pink clips didn't last too long. But I kept them anyways, and a few others like it over the years and finally had to say goodbye to make room for new clips. Here's where this project comes to life.

Her beautiful brown locks need larger, stronger clips that don't fall out when she's moving about, but I find those hard to find. So I decided to make some of my own.

Honestly though, this is such an easy project, and I figured out that it's cheaper to do it this way. And how many times have you gone out shopping looking for the right clips for that party dress, but couldn't find the perfect match? It's happened to me. With this tutorial, you can make any hair clip your heart desires!


  • Hair clips (plain)

  • Embellishments and/or felt flowers

  • Hot glue gun

I bought the hair clips in bulk from Michaels, a brand called Bead Landing. Here is where you can save some money. You buy two clips from a store for let's say $5. Or, you buy a pack of 12 clips for the same price at Michaels. The embellishments don't cost a lot either. I bought them on clearance for under $3 each. The felt flowers were in the bargain section for $1.50.


You'll need a glue gun, preferably one with a high/low temperature setting. The high works well for the embellishments. Anything that is plastic, leather, wood, or a heavier material. I used the low temperature for the felt flowers. Anything paper or fabric requires a low setting.

I applied the glue directly to the clips, then stuck the pieces on one by one. You can use pliers, which is probably the safer thing to do, but I just used my fingers, carefully not touching the glue.

I made a pair in each style...

So. Super. Simple. And pretty!

They are wearable almost immediately too (just wait a few minutes for the glue to cool, and then they are good to go.)

Thanks all for taking a look today. I hope you all have an amazing day!

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