This is one of those projects that I debated whether I should share here. The concept is there, but the heart pattern on the candle holder is a little difficult to see. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, and I even intended to make three, but I only made one. It's like I knew it was my "test" product. But I decided to blog about it anyway for these reasons:

  • It's still a pretty project for Valentine's Day.

  • To show you that not all projects go as planned, and there are some that totally get kiboshed from time to time (totally normal).

  • It was my first attempt using the Silhouette CAMEO for a project, which is still a new tool to me (in fact, I've put together a post to share next week about some beginner mistakes that I made and how to avoid them). But ironically, the Silhouette came through exactly how I wanted it to, it's just the rest of the project that I misjudged.

  • You get a freebie!

So, I will go ahead and show you how I made this glitter Valentine heart candle holder anyway. (I still like it a lot, don't get me wrong. It's just a bit on the subtle side).