This is one of those projects that I debated whether I should share here. The concept is there, but the heart pattern on the candle holder is a little difficult to see. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, and I even intended to make three, but I only made one. It's like I knew it was my "test" product. But I decided to blog about it anyway for these reasons:

  • It's still a pretty project for Valentine's Day.

  • To show you that not all projects go as planned, and there are some that totally get kiboshed from time to time (totally normal).

  • It was my first attempt using the Silhouette CAMEO for a project, which is still a new tool to me (in fact, I've put together a post to share next week about some beginner mistakes that I made and how to avoid them). But ironically, the Silhouette came through exactly how I wanted it to, it's just the rest of the project that I misjudged.

  • You get a freebie!

So, I will go ahead and show you how I made this glitter Valentine heart candle holder anyway. (I still like it a lot, don't get me wrong. It's just a bit on the subtle side).



The first thing I did was choose the design of a heart from the Silhouette library. Then, I measured the glass holder, which is about 2 3/4 inches tall. I sized the heart on my screen to about 2 inches tall (I made three copies, but ended up using one!)

I fixed the white sticker paper to the cutting mat and loaded it into the Silhouette. Then I sent my project to cut.

After I carefully peeled the hearts from the mat, I adhered one to a candle holder. I squeezed out some glitter paint onto the paper plate, and applied just a little bit on the dabber. Then I dabbed my heart out around the entire holder, making sure to get every nook and cranny inside the heart. I only did one coat of this because I was worried that the sticker wouldn't peel off well after a few coats and after sitting too long. I actually removed the sticker immediately after to avoid any issues. There was a little bit of bleed, but to fix that I wiped away the paint with a Q-tip.

Now here is where I could have improved this project! Could I have first painted the holder pink, let it dry, then add the glitter glue? Should I have just done two coats, and not be so worried about the sticker? The thing is, I won't ever know. I played it too safe because that's what I tend to do.

Regardless, I still like how it turned out, and you get a free cutout from this post!

How to Use the Your Free Cutout File

You'll notice I sent you a PDF of the heart. But to convert that and use it in your Silhouette is easy.

First, open and download the document. Do a print screen, and bring it into Paint (on a PC). Crop the image and save as .png file. Import the .png image into Silhouette. Insert it into a new document and select Trace. Trace select area and apply "Trace" as your trace method. Resize and cut from there.

Even though I made this candle holder for Valentine's, this could also make a really pretty wedding craft. I bought the glitter paint from Michaels, and they had a wide selection of colours. I picked up a few ;)

Some Thoughts on the Glitter Paint

This was also the first time I tested this product, so part of me thought one coat would work because I thought the paint would dry darker. Or, the colour I chose was dark enough. But anyhow, I really liked using the glitter paint. If you by chance screw up as you're doing the project, it washes off quickly and easily because it's acrylic. But, it also dries really well, and gives a nice texture to the finished product.

Thanks all for taking a look. I guess the message here is that sometimes we make mistakes and a project doesn't go as planned. That's OK though. It's normal!

Have a wonderful Saturday :)

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